Knowledge At Your Fingertips

Empowerment comes with knowledge and knowledge from training. ASE Express Edition for Linux Training provides user-directed access to a wealth of information from experts in the Sybase family, notably Mark Kusma and Michael Peppler.

These sessions are intended for users familiar with Linux and Enterprise-class database management services, but who are seeking specific information for installing, using and managing ASE Express on Linux machines.

Flexible enough to accommodate both veteran users on a tight schedule who desire a quick answer to a single question, as well as new users who prefer a higher level of instruction and information, ASE Express Edition for Linux Training places the user in control of the pace and order of content.

Installation introduces ASE Express for Linux and covers installation and setup, connectivity, and server connections. Michael Peppler also provides information about installation on alternate Linux systems (e.g. Gentoo, Fedora Core, etc.).

Programming provides information about developing applications. It covers T-SQL, tables, functions, and programming with variables and control-of-flow statements.

Administration offers suggestions for database maintenance, including automatic recovery, planning and performing backups, use of the bulk copy utilities, and monitoring the system.