PowerBuilder® Version 9.0.1 Enterprise Edition Maintenance Release Download Notes

Last revised: 08/25/2003

The PowerBuilder 9.0.1 Enterprise Edition Maintenance Release contains the following files:

In order to install PowerBuilder Enterprise edition version 9.0.1 or InfoMaker version 9.0.1, you must have already installed version 9.0 of that product on your computer. You must have enough space on your hard drive to download each zip file, extract its contents, and install the software. If you have limited space, you can delete each zip file after you have extracted its contents.

After you have extracted the contents of the zip files, please refer to Section 3, "Special Installation Instructions," in the PowerBuilder Enterprise release bulletin for information about installing the software. The release bulletin also contains information about changed functionality in this release, known issues, and product compatibilities.

You can read the latest version of the release bulletin on the Sybase Web site. For PowerBuilder, go to the PowerBuilder 9.0.1 Release Bulletins page and select the release bulletin for PowerBuilder Enterprise. For InfoMaker, go to the InfoMaker 9.0.1 Release Bulletins page.

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